Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lunch in the Lot

Here in southwest France, we are used to traveling a good distance to get the fine dining we enjoy much.  In fact it's not common to drive as much as an hour to some of our favorite restaurants.  For a long time I had heard of the Michelin starred Restaurabt Marco east of Cahors, and it just seemed a little to far to go just for lunch.  However, at the end of my family's visit, I was running out of places to go so I thought we'd take a chance on a beautiful fall day. A lovely drive along the Lot River it was to La Magdalene.

Except for one other table, it was virtually our private terrace for dining.

There is a daily 30 euro lunch Market menu that we decided to explore  ( Beverly however chose  the pricier Menu tradition that consisted of foie gras tatin, roast lamb, cheese and a pineapple dessert)). 

The meal began with an unusual potato mousse and octopus amuse bouche that was delicious.

It was followed by a starter of gambas carpaccio with an olive oil sorbet and marinade.  I was afraid it would be too exotic for my parents but they enjoyed it immensely.

The cod on a bed of vanilla flavored carrots was also a winner.

And the strawberry soup with pepper yogurt sorbet was a refreshing end to a meal that was well suited to this warm sunny afternoon.

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