Friday, September 26, 2014

a Whale of a Tail

It didn't take me long during our visit to Arcachon to notice something unusual offshore.  In addition to the swimmers and sailboats, there was also something that looked like the tail of a whale.  But it's lack of movement indicated it was not what it seemed to be.... And after closer inspection it was actually revealed to be a statue of some sort.

I posted the photo on facebook and was surprised how many people thought it was an actual whale. While I was enjoying friends' congratulations on being so fortunate to see such a sight, I décided  i had to " fess up."  And after a little research, I discovered that the sculpture by Emanuel Janssens Casteels was placed there in 2011. Every year it is painted a different color so this must have been the year of pale yellow.  In years past, it has been painted white, pink, and blue.  

What color would you like it to be next year?

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