Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rome Marathon

With the week's focus in Rome squarely on the selection of the new pope, it would have been easy to overlook the fact that the Rome marathon took place on Sunday the 17th...unless you went for a walk along the Tiber as Bosco and I did.  It was the midpoint of the 26 mile race on a chilly morning, and most of the racers looked in good form.

However, this man looked like he was suffering....

and I feared this one wanted to break my camera.

There didn't seem to be any costumes -- no popes or clergymen -- just a few baloons  the
usual  runner's fashion statements.

As expected it was an international crowd who announced their nationality via a t-shirt or even a flag.

Viva la France.

Scenes from the first day in Rome...

The cistern outside my door

Fresh artichokes in the market

 Tourist at the "Mouth of Truth"


Faux hot priest calendar

Irresistible Prosecco

A Wine bar in Trastevere

You know you are in Italy when...

...the table cloths are checkered and the wine is red

...the menus are worthy framing

...the centerpiece is a marjoram plant

...pasta is king

and the macchiato and tiramisu are divine.