Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Marche Gourmand

Lauzerte's Marches Gourmand must be deemed a success in terms of the number of visitors who show up every Thursday night in the summer months to eat, drink, and meet with friends.  So why is it that I have stopped going to them?  It may be that we are victims of our own success:  parking has become impossible, too many people are fighting for tables to dine on mediocre food and wine, and I live only a stone's throw away where the cuisine and atmosphere are considerably better.

So it was such a pleasant surprise to visit a marche gourmand on the Merchien farm near Puylaroque where the food was truly local...

and the atmosphere more relaxed.

It may have been the smaller size of the crowd that created a sense of  community.  Even the music sounded great.

The culinary hit of the evening was team GB (Clare, Michael, and Nancy) ...

and their clever pots of tapenade and aubergine caviar...

and dazzling cupcakes which were real crowd pleasers.

All in all it was an evening to renew one's faith in marches gourmand.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shakespeare on the Square

A highlight of the summer cultural season is the performance of one of Shakespeare's plays on our town square.   In the past we have been treated to 'Anthony and Cleopatra", "Julius Casesar"and  'The Tempest"  to great acclaim but my favorite has always been "A Midsummer Night's Dream".      The acting troupe Antic Disposition performed this romantic comedy brilliantly on a warm August night in our medieval square to an appreciative audience of most of the Anglophone community in the region.  The acting, the costumes, and the staging fit  the environment perfectly and held our rapt attention till the very end.  

Clare wisely booked our  front-row tickets in advance which provided us unimpeded view of the action.  I took a few photos before i was told they were not allowed.  Nevertheless, here is Theseus..

Puck and Theseus...

Hermia and Demetrius

and Hermia.

However, my favorite was this one.  Puck has just put Helena, Lysander, Demestrius, and Hermia to sleep and Bosco chose this time to get down from my lap and take a nap too.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Les Nuits de Lauzerte

it's hard to believe this is the 13th edition of Les Nuits de Lauzerte, the sound and light performance that takes over the center of our village every August.  While some of us have become somewhat jaded by the repetitive formula and images, who can argue with success when it continues to attract hundreds of visitors every year.  Here are a few photos from this evening.