Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rediscovering a Vineyard Restaurant

I keep rediscovering the same restaurant, la Table de Haut Serre in Cieurac, over and over again.  I have been there a half dozen times  and after a wonderful meal, I vow to return soon....but I don't.  Is it the distance (a 40-minute drive),  the price (39-euro menu at lunch), or the lack of a suitable occasion?   It may be a combination of all three excuses that prevents me visiting this gem in a vineyard more often.  So when my visiting family requested that we go there for lunch, I thought, why not?, and I fell in love again.

I'd forgotten the welcoming rose wine and serrano ham.

And the impeccably styled plates of foie gras..

and cold potato soup decorated with edible flowers.

The visual star was the eglefin with  vegetables and summer truffles...

and the roast veal on a bed of mushrooms and celeriac puree really delivered the flavor.

The 2008 Antisto malbec from Mendoza was rich and flavorful.


We even had room for the strawberry tiramisu and chocolate fondant to top the meal off.

It's fun to fall in love again.   I'm ready for our next date.