Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dinner with Friends

 Even though we selected the opening night of the La Table des 3 Chevaliers for our friendly dinner, this is not a review of the restaurant.  That will come later once the restaurant has been open for a few weeks.  Meanwhile we had a pleasant evening on the square seeing friends and being greeted by the restaurant manager, Jake.

We selected a young 2009 Cahors from Chateau Gaudou that would accompany our dishes to come.

Ros chose a shrimp and avocado salad, Ken had a Caesar salad, and Peter and Susan decided on gazpacho to begin with.

My starter was a terrific combination of duck confit, watermelon, cashews, roquette, and asian spices.

Ros followed with a hamburger and fries, Susan chose a steak,

And the rest of us were pleased with the duck breast, blackberry sauce and indian-spiced potatoes.

It was a nice summer's evening of good food, wine, and camaraderie at what we can now call our neighborhood restaurant.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Al Fresco Wine Club

It was fitting that the final event of the Wine Club before the summer "break" would take place on the terrace of the Hotel Quercy on a lovely warm evening.

Our numbers had increased to 17, old friends and new, in anticipation of a special evening of wine and food selected and prepared by the two Frederics (Berthaux and Bacou).

We began the evening with champagne and canapés to enhance our conviviality and whet our appetite for what was to come.

After our Italian wine evening last month, we moved back to France to the Roussillon region to the esteemed Domaine du Clos des Fees winery.  The Vieilles Vignes Grenache Blanc was a rich and powerful white wine that showed finesse in 2009 and a surprising sweetness in 2010.  While the 2010 was not to everyone's taste, I found both wines paired well with different parts of the fish/foie gras plate.

 The three Clos des Fees reds  served with the Quercy lamb represented very different wines: one  was made from tempranillo (a 2010 Images Derisoires), another from syrah (a 2010 De battre mon coeur s'est arrêté), and a blend of grenache, carignan, mouvedre, and syrah (2007 Clos des Fees).  The standout was the last wine which had a intense nose of herbs, spices and black fruit and was rich and balanced in taste.

And with dessert we were blessed with a choice of  two sweet wines: a Maury from Domaine Pouderoux and a 1988 Chateau Filhot sauternes.  I enjoyed the Maury but it is hard to compete with a luscious sauterne that complemented the soufflé and cherry clafoutis so well.

A great end to a great evening.  Have a wonderful summer everyone and see you in the fall for our next wine dinner.  I can't wait.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Grander Opening

I suppose it might seem unusual when a restaurant has two grand openings in a year. However, while the name "La Table des Trois Chevaliers"  and the owners remain unchanged, it was certainly not the same restaurant.  A gut renovation has transformed a cramped and uninspiring space into something airy and tastefully decorated.

In addition to staff...


a Grander opening needs family...


and friends...lots of them.


Food and drink, of course, are required to keep the party well oiled.

Everyone agreed it was a great success and I for one am looking forward to the "real" opening on the 29th.  Kudos, again, Jake.